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How long and how many times a week is a typical session?

Sessions are usually 50 minutes. Most clients are seen once or twice a week in the beginning, then, as time goes on, less frequently. The number of sessions depends on what your current needs are.

How long will I be in therapy?

The length of time a client is in therapy depends the nature of the problem and the goals of the therapy. Some clients have a very specific problem that can be worked through in a set course of therapy. For others, therapy is an on-going learning process and they choose to receive therapy for a longer period.

What if I want couples therapy, but my partner won't come?

Unfortunately, sometimes one partner is not as willing as the other to come in for therapy. However, we often find that it is possible to improve the relationship with just one person involved in therapy.

How much are your Fees and do you take insurance?

Your fee depends on the kinds of services you request. We accept most major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.  We also accept cash payments, along with most major credit cards.  We will work with you to help file your claim with your insurance provider, and help explain your benefit coverages, working out the best payment solution for you to receive the care you need.

Do I need to take medications?

As a licensed therapists, we are not legally allowed to prescribe medications. However, based on a joint assessment of problems you are facing, it may be advisable to consult with a psychiatrist to determine whether medication is warranted. Typically, clients see someone under their health insurance coverage or we can refer you to a psychiatrist.
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